It has been said that the only way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new one — ideally, a better one. If we’re not careful we can all fall into some common cultural bad habits, like being too busy to invest in the relationships that matter most or being spread too thin to dig deep.

Located in Middle Tennessee, we at Bad Habit Coffee strongly believe that it takes a community to do coffee right. In fact, every cup that’s brewed with our beans is collaborative effort, and every person participating plays an important part in the story…including you! Before these coffee beans ever reached our roasters, countless people were working together to bring out the best and brightest coffee bean flavors imaginable. That’s why inside each of our bags you will not only find a harmony of flavor notes, but also undertones of integrity, gratitude, joy, and intentionality.

While some see coffee as nothing more than a bag of roasted beans, we see it as an invitation to slow down and reconnect with the people who matter most. Our hope is that every bag of our delicious roasted coffee will foster deep relationships and community. So whether you're looking for a higher quality bean, deeper friendships, or even just a better Bad Habit — you’ve found it!